Aphrodites Nacht

Aphrodites Nacht

Deutschland 2006, Spielfilm


Aphrodite′s Night

It’s the night of Hannah’s 30th birthday. Her girlfriends are offering her a special present for the occasion: The girls are preparing a dinner together, and then they have one hour for each of them to invite a stranger to the dinner party. But, before they leave to find the men somewhere out there in the streets, Hannah’s mother Rita shows up surprisingly from Miami, where she normally lives. She invites herself to the dinner party and decides to stay.

What begins as a funny game, slowly turns into an open conflict, which has been long overdue between mother and daughter. It is going to be a night of changes, understanding, love and forgiveness.

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All Credits

Director:Carolin Otto
Assistant director:Helga Asenbaum
Script supervisor:Romana Walther
Screenplay:Carolin Otto
Director of photography:Rainer Hartmann
Still photography:Davor Marinkovic
Set design:Carsten Lippstock (Szenenbild)
Stand-by props:Eva Schröder
Construction manager:Roland Reindl, Christof Schmidt, Erhard Schmitt
Make-up artist:Helga Sander
Costume design:Christine Splett
Editing:Christian von Lüpke
Sound:Markus Stoffel
Audio mixing:Michael Mitschka
Music:Dieter Schleip, Marco Hertenstein
Gisela SchneebergerRita
Karo GuthkeHanna
Anatole TaubmanHans
Stefan MerkiRudi
Christine AdlerToni
Titus HorstDichter
Sabrina KhalilAurelia
Fritz BarthPatrick
Monica SimonElfi
Production company:Carolin Otto Filmproduktion (München)
Producer:Carolin Otto
Location manager:Thorsten Bender
Length:85 min
Format:HD Cam, 16:9
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Mono
Screening:Uraufführung (DE): 16.08.2006


Originaltitel (DE) Aphrodites Nacht



Length:85 min
Format:HD Cam, 16:9
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Mono
Screening:Uraufführung (DE): 16.08.2006