Deutschland / Luxemburg 2003/2004, Spielfilm


A2 Racer
A group of young speed-freaks with supercharged cars, organize regular high-speed races on the autobahn. These adrenaline loaded, illegal events have lately been disturbed by regular police raids, actually aimed at a group of high-tech car thieves, who are stealing expensive sports-cars from transporters driving along the autobahn.After weeks of intense surveillance, the cops have little to show for it other than masses of destroyed police vehicles and a lot of frustration. Centering all available forces on this case, the investigating inspector assigns Carl, a young rookie officer, to the illegal car races. Carl has a problem: his sub-compact car is a rusty old piece of junk and he quickly falls for the beautiful Nicki, a young girl co-piloting a lightning-fast BMW M3. Carl is quickly drawn into this world of cool guys, fast cars and beautiful girls and after a high speed cruise with Nicki in a souped-up Mustang, Carl is hooked. The car thieves strike again: Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Viper - a million dollars on wheels. Now there are cops everywhere. Carl and his new friends take action: They need to catch the car thieves or they will never be able to burn rubber without being hassled by the police – they need to defend the very last resort of freedom and individualism – the German autobahn – the one and only highway without a speed limit.
Based on the extremely successful videogame by Davilex that has sold millions of copies in Germany and other countries, A2 Racer is an action-comedy filled to the rim with adrenaline and gasoline.

Source: German films Service & Marketing GmbH


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All Credits

Director:Michael Keusch
Assistant director:Andi Lang
Screenplay:Robert Kulzer, Herman Weigel
Director of photography:Hannes Hubach
Assistant camera:Pier Hausemer, Graham Johnston (2. Stab)
Clapper loader:Guillaume De Esteban, Alex Aach (2. Stab)
2nd Camera unit:Théodore Theodorides, Wolfgang Wesemann
Optical effects:Christoph Sprenger, Moritz Eiche
Key grip:Yair Popritkin
Set design:Christina Schaffer, Ralf Küfner
Prop master:Manuel Demoulling
Make-up artist:René Jordan, Claudine Moureaud
Costume design:Uli Simon, Bea Gossmann
Hairdresser:René Jordan, Claudine Moureaud
Editing:Stefan Essl
Assistant editor:Charles Ladmiral, Alexander Berner
Sound editor:Stefan Busch
Foley editor:Lisa Geffken-Reinhard
Sound:Manfred Banach, Detlev Fichtner
Audio mixing:Michael Kranz
Stunts:Volkhart Buff
Music:Stephen Keusch, Marco Meister
Luke J. WilkinsKarl-Heinz
Alexandra NeldelClaudi
Henriette Richter-RöhlNicki
Niels-Bruno SchmidtKnut
Manuel CortezBülent
Kristian Erik KiehlingEcki
Ivonne SchönherrMoni
Collien FernandesNina
Franz DindaAlex
Thomas HeinzePolizeihauptmeister Schmitt-Jahnke
Production company:Constantin Film Produktion GmbH (München)
in co-production with:DeLux Productions S.A. (Luxemburg)
in association with:Moovie - the art of entertainment GmbH (Berlin)
Producer:Oliver Berben, Robert Kulzer
Co-Producer:Jimmy de Brabant
Line producer:Bernhard Thür, Jean-Claude Schlim (Luxemburg)
Unit production manager:Astrid Kühberger, Ragna Arny Larusdottir (Luxemburg)
Location manager:Steven Richter, Philip James Morgan, Stephane Wasila (Assistenz)
Shoot:01.06.2003-31.07.2003: Luxemburg
Original distributor:Constantin Film Verleih GmbH (München)
Funding:FilmFernsehFonds Bayern GmbH (FFFB) (München), Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA) (Berlin), Film Fund Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Length:2411 m, 88 min
Format:35mm, 1:2,35
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Ton
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 02.02.2004, 96816, ab 6 Jahre / feiertagsfrei
Screening:Uraufführung / Kinostart: 19.02.2004


Originaltitel (DE) Autobahnraser
Arbeitstitel Porta Westfalica
Arbeitstitel (LU) A2 Racer



Length:2411 m, 88 min
Format:35mm, 1:2,35
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Ton
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 02.02.2004, 96816, ab 6 Jahre / feiertagsfrei
Screening:Uraufführung / Kinostart: 19.02.2004