Deutschland 2009/2010, Spielfilm



Nine young actors leave behind their daily lives in Berlin and travel to the country to audition for a summer theatre production to be performed in the ruins of an old church. A once-renowned Swiss director is using this week of rehearsals to find the lead for this production of "Hamlet". The director is staying privately at the home of an old woman, but the actors are being put up at a run-down hotel with very thin walls.

A wild emotional merry-go-round ensues. Far away from their day-to-day lives, the young hotel guests soon find themselves transgressing all sorts of boundaries. Envy, competition, sexual desire, love, yearning and existential crises soon take hold and, before long, they are no longer sure if they’re in Shakespeare’s world or in a play by Chekhov or Tennessee Williams.

Before they take to the large stage in the church ruins, they rehearse in an old cinema. Timo, the cinema’s sixteen-year-old projectionist, finds himself magically drawn to the kooky and apparently permissive theatre troupe. He attends all the rehearsals and hangs on their every word. He and the director even strike up a friendship. The boy is impressed – not just because the director teaches him how to fence – but because this is the first time he has been taken seriously as an adult.

Armed with his new-found self-confidence, Timo falls in love with one of the actors – the somewhat introverted Sarah – and this sets off a chain reaction. Sarah has just split up from her boyfriend and is thinking about aborting her pregnancy. Feeling euphoric, she falls in love with Daniel, an honest family man, but continues to use Timo’s affection to her own ends in a clever game of jealousy. However, within a short space of time, these comic antics turn into a tragedy. But, just as in real life, when somebody drops out, the role is filled by someone else.

Source: 60. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Catalogue)



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All Credits

Director:Andreas Kleinert
Assistant director:Konrad Kästner
Screenplay:Andreas Kleinert
Director of photography:Jakob Seemann
Assistant camera:Uli Krause, Julia Swoboda
Lighting design:Michael Schreiber
Gaffer:Jacob Hauptmann
Set design:Myrna Drews (Szenenbild)
Property master:Ole Kloss
Stand-by props:Karina Ferg
Construction manager:Florian Schossel
Make-up artist:Nicole Klopp, Valentina Schwez
Costume design:Simone Zimmermann, Simone Kreska
Editing:Till Ufer
Sound design:Matthias Leonhardt
Sound:Ginetta Fassio
Sound assistant:Ginetta Fassio
Foley artist:Christos Sariannidis, Roman Strack (Synchron)
Audio mixing:David Ziegler
Music:Daniel Dickmeis
Matthias HabichHans Meinhold
Paul PreussTimo
Klara ManzelSarah
Volkram ZschiescheDaniel
Julia GorrIsabell
Jan DoseSven
Nora Rim Abdel-MaksoudTeresa
Jessica RichterAnne
Christoph HumnigHenning
Matthias RansbergerRobert
Moses LeoBen
Thomas LawinkyTimos Vater
Corinna Nilson ApitiusTimos Mutter
Petra ZieserHennings Mutter
Ursula SchuchtRezeptionistin
Juliane GötzRoberts Freundin
Marlen UlonskaKellnerin
Leoni SchulzDaniels Frau
Jakob JeschkeDaniels Sohn
Anton StafflAnnes Sohn
Kerstin RömerAnnes Mutter
Grégoire GrosSarahs Freund
Uscha SadowskiFrau Freytag
Production company:Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen »Konrad Wolf« (Potsdam-Babelsberg)
Line producer:Holger Lochau
Unit production manager:Javelle Bauersfeld
Location manager:Julia Terrey, Martin Pust (Set), Kai Guballa (Set)
Shoot:15.04.2009-15.05.2009: Görlitz, Zittau, Berlin
Length:96 min
Format:HD Cam
Picture/Sound:s/w, Stereo
Screening:Uraufführung (DE): 16.02.2010, Berlin, IFF - Panorama


Originaltitel (DE) Barriere



Length:96 min
Format:HD Cam
Picture/Sound:s/w, Stereo
Screening:Uraufführung (DE): 16.02.2010, Berlin, IFF - Panorama