Casino de Paris

Casino de Paris

Frankreich / Italien / BR Deutschland 1957, Spielfilm


Catherine Miller is the celebrated young star on stage of the revue theatre "Casino de Paris". One evening, the famous writer Alexander Gordy offers her the leading role in his new play. Catherine gladly accepts the offer and hopes to launch her acting career. Her mother is also delighted, in marked contrast to her father who is exasperated about the fact that Catherine wants to end her career at the revue theatre.

Gordy invites Catherine to Cannes where he had travelled to in advance with his secretary Jacques. However, Jacques is no ordinary secretary but in fact writes all the plays of his master… and he also knows about his employer’s skills as a seducer. Together with Catherine’s father and Mario, the director of "Casino de Paris", Jacques who has fallen in love with Catherine makes plans to pry Catherine loose from the seducer Gordy’s hands. After several complications and mix-ups, he can finally put Catherine into his arms, and Gordy also soon finds a new "ideal cast" for his play.


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All Credits

Director:André Hunebelle
Assistant director:Serge Witta
Dialogue editor:Georg Marischka
Screenplay:Hans Wilhelm, Jean Halain, André Hunebelle
Story:Hans Wilhelm
Script (other):Claude Barma (Künstlerische Mitarbeit)
Director of photography:Henri Alekan (uc), Bruno Mondi
Camera operator:Herbert Geier
Assistant camera:Pierre Lhomme
Colour consultant:Alvord Eiseman
Still photography:Michael Marszalek
Production design:René Moulaert, Roland Berton, Willi Schatz, Robert Stratil
Make-up artist:Max Rauffer, Ursula Mrukwa
Costume design:Mireille Leydet, Anne Marie Marchand, Jacques Heim (für Caterina Valente)
Editing:Jean Feyte (französische Fassung), Lilian Seng (deutsche Fassung)
Sound:R. C. Forget (französische Fassung), Hermann Stör (deutsche Fassung)
Choreographer:Billy Daniel
Music:Paul Durand, Heinz Gietz, Gilbert Bécaud, Heinz Kiessling
Lyrics:Gerhard Baumrucker (Deutsche Liedtexte), Hans Ewer (Deutsche Liedtexte), Kurt Feltz (Deutsche Liedtexte), Günther Schwenn (Deutsche Liedtexte)
Caterina ValenteCatherine Miller
Vittorio De SicaAlexander Gordy
Gilbert BécaudJacques Marval
Grethe WeiserMutter Miller
Rudolf VogelVater Miller
Silvio FrancescoFrancesco Miller
Peter Michael BrickLulu Miller
Roland KaiserPeter Miller
Grégoire AslanCasinodirektor Mario
Véra ValmontBelinda
Fritz LafontaineButler
Richard AllanTänzer
Production company:Pathé Cinema (Paris), Critérion Film S.A. (Paris), Rizzoli Film S.p.A. (Rom), Bavaria Filmkunst AG (München-Geiselgasteig), Eichberg-Film GmbH (München)
Producer:Marcel Lathière, Dietrich von Theobald
Line producer:René Thévenet, Hermann Schwerin
Unit production manager:Jacques Garcia, Werner Ludwig
Location manager:Kurt Paetz, Peter Hahne
Length:95 min
Format:35mm, Franscope
Picture/Sound:Technicolor, Ton
Screening:Uraufführung (FR): 31.10.1957, Paris


Originaltitel (FR DE) Casino de Paris
Schreibvariante (IT) Casinò de Paris



Length:95 min
Format:35mm, Franscope
Picture/Sound:Technicolor, Ton
Screening:Uraufführung (FR): 31.10.1957, Paris


Length:2699 m, 99 min
Format:35mm, Franscope
Picture/Sound:Technicolor, Ton
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 03.09.1957, 15174, ab 12 Jahre / nicht feiertagsfrei
Screening:Erstaufführung (DE): 26.09.1957, Düsseldorf, Apollo