DDR 1958/1959, Spielfilm


Claudia is a self-confident girl who spends time in a Young Pioneer camp and wants to prove that she can keep up with the boys in a scouting wide game. At first, the boys are skeptical. During the game, which is based on true events from the period when the socialist laws came into effect, an illegal newspaper is meant to be transported from “Switzerland” to a meeting point of the “socialists”. In order to do this, the newspaper must be smuggled through the lines of some “Prussian Gendarms”. Claudia takes great efforts in the game, but since she acts on her own authority too much she endangers her team’s victory. Just in time, she realizes how important it is to proceed as a team and proves herself to be a valuable member of the collective.


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All Credits

Director:Walter Beck
Assistant director:Eleonore Dressel, Erhard Bittner
Screenplay:Walter Beck
Scenario:Richard Gross
Script editor:Gudrun Deubener
Director of photography:Walter Fehdmer
Assistant camera:Walter Küppers, Detlef Hertelt
Still photography:Rudolf Meister
Production design:Artur Günther
Make-up artist:Erna Hallas, Alfred Fleischert
Costume design:Dorit Gründel
Editing:Lieselotte Johl
Sound:Gerhard Hoffmann
Music:Wolfgang Lesser
Lyrics:Manfred Streubel
Herbert SieversVolkspolizist
Annelise MatschulatFrau Linde
Anna-Maria BesendahlBäuerin
Heidi TeschnerClaudia
Rolf RömerPionierleiter
Ada MahrBäuerin
Otto SaltzmannSchuster
Friedrich TeitgeBahnhofsvorsteher
Trude BrentinaKöchin im Pionierlager
Maika JosephBäuerin
Erich FritzeBauer
Elstrud PorthRenate
Barbara KlippertBrigitte
Regina BrüskeGudrun
Elisabeth WeisserIlse
Karin KriewitzPionier
Victor CoriWerner
Rolf-Rüdiger PulErwin
Detlev RussNorbert
Gunter DeppingHubert
Dietmar KuschyThomas
Ingolf RösenerHans
Ingo DadenRolf
Klaus MünzenbergerKurt
Peter SpäingGünter
Winfried ZanderKommandeur
Bodo KönigGrenzer
Leon JablkoPionier
Lothar HeineGendarm
Production company:DEFA-Studio für Spielfilme (Potsdam-Babelsberg)
Unit production manager:Werner Dau
Location manager:Christian Urban, Eberhard Rühmling
Original distributor:Progress Film-Verleih (Berlin/DDR)
Length:1816 m, 67 min
Picture/Sound:s/w, Ton
Screening:Uraufführung (DD): 01.06.1959, Berlin, Babylon


Originaltitel (DD) Claudia



Length:1816 m, 67 min
Picture/Sound:s/w, Ton
Screening:Uraufführung (DD): 01.06.1959, Berlin, Babylon