Dem kühlen Morgen entgegen

Dem kühlen Morgen entgegen

Deutschland 2007/2008, Dokumentarfilm


Into the Cold Dawn

Into the Cold Dawn recounts the life of the composer Dimitri Shostakovich from the perspective of a film director who is shooting a movie about him. In 1961 the song "Into the Cold Dawn", composed by Shostakovich for the film "Der Gegenplan" and sung by Yuri Gagarin, was the first music in space.

While editing the film, the director shifts through scenes from feature films for which Shostakovich wrote the music during Stalin′s rule. The director meets and interviews family members and companions of the composer, such as Mstislav Rostropovich. Key moments in the life of Shostakovich are re-enacted with marionette puppets.

At the end of his investigation, the director realizes that he is unable to draw a clear-cut portrait of the composer - what his interview partners tell him is just too contradictory.

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All Credits

Director:Oliver Becker, Katharina Bruner
Assistant director:Sarah Polligkeit
Screenplay:Dietrich Mack, Oliver Becker
Script editor:Dietrich Mack
Director of photography:Jörg Jeshel, Michael Boomers
Assistant camera:Jenny Thorandt
Set design:Katharina Bruner (Szenenbild)
Sculptor:Georg Jenisch (Marionetten)
Make-up artist:Sarah Polligkeit
Editing:Bernd Euscher
Sound design:Noemi Hampel
Sound:Dimitri Zhilyanin (Russland)
Music recording:Marc Seiffge
Audio mixing:Matthias Schwab
Music consultant:Marco Frei
Source music:Dimitri Schostakowitsch
Participation:Armin Mueller-Stahl, Ina Rudolph, Katharina Bruner, Björn Paulissen, Mstislaw Rostropowich
Production company:Loft Music (Gauting)
in co-production with:avindependents Film & TV GmbH (Ludwigsburg), EuroArts Entertainment oHG (Stuttgart)
in association with:3sat (Mainz), Arte Deutschland TV GmbH (Baden-Baden)
Producer:Manfred Frei, Hans-Hinrich Koch, Norbert W. Daldrop
Producer (TV):Maria Kasten
Unit production manager:Sarah Polligkeit
Production coordinator:Michael Sandforth
Shoot:: Moskau, St. Petersburg u.a.
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby
Screening:Aufführung (DE): 01.11.2008, Biberach, Filmfestival


Originaltitel (DE) Dem kühlen Morgen entgegen



Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby
Screening:Aufführung (DE): 01.11.2008, Biberach, Filmfestival