Die Putzfraueninsel

Die Putzfraueninsel

Deutschland 1995/1996, Spielfilm


The Cleaning Ladies Island

25-year-old Irma′s life between cultivated disorientation, a disturbed love life and her enthusisatic balalaika playing in the local gay men′s choir has just settled into an amusing form of boredom when she makes a gruesome discovery in her new cleaning job in the villa of the lady judge Dr. Schwartz:

old Nelly, the mother-in-law of Dr. Schwartz, is being kept prisoner in a dirty, dark hole of a cellar. In a spontaneous action, Irma frees Nelly from captivity and takes her first to her small roof apartment. But Nelly is scarcely able to stand on her own two feet again than she is rareing to go and turns Irma′s life topsy-turvy. Irma doesn′t even recognise herself when she finds herself going along with the lively old lady on a deliciously revengeful plot against the criminal judge. At the same time, she seduces Dr Schwartz′s cocoa brown adoptive son and ends up being given a million in cash by Nelly as well as the villa where she had previously cleaned. But the only thing is that it is a parting gift because Nelly goes off unexpectedly to Majorca where she wants to fulfil one last beautiful dream from her youth before passing on.

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All Credits

Director:Peter Timm
Assistant director:Marlies Butzlaff
Intern:Hauke Brekenfeld, Daniel Kayser
Script supervisor:Esther Berke
Screenplay:Hansjörg Thurn, Peter Timm
based on:Milena Moser (Roman)
Director of photography:Fritz Seemann
Assistant camera:Maher Maleh
Clapper loader:Janne Busse, Andrej Brandt (Florida)
2nd Camera unit:Dieter Welsch
Still photography:Carsten Thiele, Noreen Flynn
Lighting design:Michael Albert, Thorsten Krusche, Ralf Dobrick, Roger Altmann, Olaf Michalke, Sebastian Schwerdt (Volontär)
Key grip:Ulrich Klotz, Olaf Michalke
Set design:Josef Sanktjohanser, Ralf Küfner (Assistenz), Zora del Buono (Volontär)
Property master:Michael Schrader, Gerd Ganser (Mallorca)
Stand-by props:Stefan Scheurich
Construction manager:Philipp Hübner, Matthias Nein, Thomas Stanley Nielsen
Set design (other):Julia Kamann (Requisite-Volontär)
Make-up artist:Iris Kettner, Chloë Clasen
Costume design:Petra Kray, Yoshio Yabara (Assistenz)
Costumes:Bettina von Bogen
Editing:Vera Burnus
Intern:Daniel Gläser
Sound editor:Dominik Bollen, Tom McAfee-Kingdon, Jon Arrufat
Sound:Eckhard W. Kuchenbecker
Sound assistant:Jörg Diernberger
Music recording:Malcolm Devenish
Foley artist:Hugo Gries
Choreographer:Ljubiana Wüstehube
Music:Detlef Petersen, Django Seelenmeyer (Beratung), Detlef Petersen
Music performer:Ulf Meyer (Gitarre)
Music (other):Stefan Hansen (Programming)
Jasmin TabatabaiIrma Kaspari
Christine OesterleinNelly Schwarz
Dagmar ManzelFrau Dr. Schwarz
Kevin IbekaEugen
Dieter LandurisRichard
Roland SchäferEmil Schwarz
Maja-Felicia FeurichSybille
Jenny SlawikEdith
Cuco WallraffFrancesco
Nick WilderHans O. Meier
Hussi KutlucanMustafa
Joachim KemmerMinister
Ilona EitelFrau des Ministers
Werner HeinrichmöllerDetektiv
Alex BabuRosenverkäufer
Wolfgang KlapperKast
Die Rosa CavaliereChor
Production company:Relevant Film Produktion GmbH (Hamburg), Avista Film Herbert Rimbach (München)
in co-production with:Olga-Film GmbH (München), Polyphon Film- und Fernseh GmbH (Hamburg)
Producer:Heike Wiehle-Timm, Herbert Rimbach
Line producer:Alena Rimbach
Unit production manager:Dieter Stempnierwsky
Location manager:Dieter Anders, Dieter Albrecht, Wessely Kutner (Mallorca), Yagiro Lara (Florida)
Production coordinator:Annette Schilling
Production manager:Uli Adomat
Production office:Kerstin Dyroff
Shoot:21.08.1995-13.10.1995: Berlin, Mallorca, Florida
Original distributor:Senator Film Verleih GmbH (Berlin)
Funding:Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Potsdam, FilmFörderung Hamburg GmbH (Hamburg), Bundesministerium des Innern (BMI), Bonn
Length:2694 m, 98 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,66
Picture/Sound:Eastmancolor, Dolby Stereo SR Digital
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 20.05.1996, 75268, ab 6 Jahre / feiertagsfrei
Screening:TV-Erstsendung (DE): 29.03.1998, Premiere


Originaltitel (DE) Die Putzfraueninsel



Length:2694 m, 98 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,66
Picture/Sound:Eastmancolor, Dolby Stereo SR Digital
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 20.05.1996, 75268, ab 6 Jahre / feiertagsfrei
Screening:TV-Erstsendung (DE): 29.03.1998, Premiere