Die Schelme von Schelm

Die Schelme von Schelm

Deutschland / Frankreich / Ungarn 1994/1995, Animationsfilm


The Real Schelm

After God had created the world, he decided to distribute intelligence, wisdom and stupidity in equal amounts. He entrusted this task with three little angels. Each of the angels was given a bag with one of the virtues. But the bag containing stupidity was so heavy that the little angel was immediately dragged down to earth.

By mistake, he tipped the contents of his bag over the sweet little village of Schelm! And it would have to be this very same Schelm that our eleven-year-old hero Aaron moves to. The inhabitants of Schelm consider themselves the "wisest among the wise", but Aaron soon finds out that the overdose of stupidity has made them into amusing and loveable fools. Directly, an evil magician appears and creates a fearsome giant, the Golem, which destroys Schelm. Aaron and his faithful companion, the talking goat Zlateh, must prevent the magician from usurping world domination. They follow the Golem and sneak into the magician′s haunted castle. In a breathtaking show of force they manage to destroy the Golem and turn the magician into a statue of stone. But Schelm is devastated, and the inhabitants decide to leave their village.

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All Credits

Director:Albert Hanan Kaminski
Assistant director:Lionel Charpy, Arpád Szabó
Dialogue editor:Osman Ragheb (Synchronregie)
Script supervisor:Sheldon Harnick, Allan Wenger, Jacqueline McClintock
Screenplay:Galia Benousilio, Albert Hanan Kaminski
German dialogue:Frank Lenart
based on:Isaac Bashevis Singer (Geschichten)
Director of photography:Erzsébet Nemes
Production design:Lionel Charpy (Art Director), Jean Jacques Prunès (Art Director)
Set design:Balázs Farkas (Layout), Edit Hernádi (Layout), László Adám (Layout), Gizella N. Csathó (Hintergründe), Serge Elissalde (Figurenentwürfe), Jean Jacques Prunès (Figurenentwürfe), Albert Hanan Kaminski (Figurenentwürfe), András Paulovics (Layout), Hoël Caouissin (Layout Research)
Storyboard:Jean Jacques Prunès, François Moret, Marc-Gordon Bates
Animation:Károly Lugosi, Edit Szalay, Dan Levy (Computer Graphics / 3D Animation), Christiane Chang (Computer Graphics / 3D Animation), Christophe Dessiter (Computer Graphics / 3D Animation), Zoltán Vas, Tamás Gyapay, Nóra Javorniczky, Thierry Prieur (Computer Animation Supervision), Maurice Benayoun (Computer Animation Supervision), Louise Marie Asselineau (Computer Graphics / 3D Animation), Yvette Sostarics
Editing:Agnes Völler
Music recording:Karin Simon, Réka Temple
Audio mixing:Toni Rädler, Michel Legrand (Musik-Mischung), Maurice Cevrero (Musik-Mischung), Malcolm Luker (Musik-Mischung)
Music:Michel Legrand
Arrangement:Michel Legrand
Voice:Michael Rüth (Schlemihl), Manuel Straube (Aaron), Wolli Emperhoff (Lekish (Gesang)), Lisa Kreuzer (Heiratsvermittlerin), Peter Bischoff (Sender + Händler (Gesang)), Willi Röbke (Darko, der Zauberer), Katrin Fröhlich (Der Lantuch), Fritz Gras (Schmendrick (Gesang)), Alisa Palmer (Dona), Mara Winzer (Dina), Jane Bogaert (Dana (Gesang)), Angela Wiederhut (Dana), Martin Umbach (Händler + Erzähler), Frank Lenart (Der Esel), Sibylle Nicolai (Zlateh, die Ziege), Gert Weidenhofer (Tudras), Ulli Essmann (Dona (Gesang)), Hans-Rainer Müller (Lekish), Gotti Gottschalk (Treitel (Gesang)), Imo Heite (Schmendrick + Zeinvel), Roland Astor (Treitel), Alwin Joachim Meyer (Sender), Anita Höfer (Sarah), Donald Arthur (Gronam)
Production company:Media Investment Club (München), TMO Film GmbH (München), Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) (Mainz), C2A (Paris), Les Films de L'Arlequin (Paris), Project Images Films (Budapest), Videovox Studio (Budapest)
Producer:Gilbert Hus, Dora Benousilio, Peter Völkle
Unit production manager:Gábor Morvay
Shoot:: Paris, Budapest, München
Distributor:Beaufilm Verleih- und Vertriebs GmbH (München), Central Film Vertriebs GmbH (Berlin) (Kinovertrieb)
Length:2169 m, 79 min
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby Stereo SRD
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 31.08.1995, 73749, ohne Altersbeschränkung / feiertagsfrei
Screening:Kinostart (DE): 12.10.1995


Originaltitel (DE) Die Schelme von Schelm
Originaltitel (FR) Le monde est un grand Chelm
sonstiger Titel The Real Schlemiel



Length:2169 m, 79 min
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby Stereo SRD
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 31.08.1995, 73749, ohne Altersbeschränkung / feiertagsfrei
Screening:Kinostart (DE): 12.10.1995