Die Stunde der Töchter

Die Stunde der Töchter

DDR 1979/1980, Spielfilm


A life-threatening heart attack confines Richard Roth to the hospital bed. There, Richard, who is in his late fifties, asks himself what will remain of him and his life. What happened to his four daughters? Do they take after him? How have they developed? His youngest daughter Nanny, who is still living with her father, gets her three other siblings to Weimar to visit their father. The dedicated engineer Ruth, who is working in a shipyard and actively lives the party′s concepts, is very similar to her ill father. Despite her professional success, she lives a lonely private life. The third daughter Gerda is living in divorce although she is pregnant. Her two children live with their father. Furthermore, there is Eva, who gave up her job as a teacher to fully concentrate on her life as the hedonist wife of a surgeon. But her life plan comes to nothing, when her husband leaves her. After having recovered from his illness, Roth wants to straighten out the lives of his daughters, but he soon realizes that everyone has to take responsibility for his own life.

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All Credits

Director:Erwin Stranka
Assistant director:Ilse Goydke, Klaus Powollik-Ronay
Screenplay:Erwin Stranka
Scenario:Walter Stranka
Script editor:Werner Beck
Director of photography:Peter Brand
Still photography:Klaus Zähler, Frank Bredow
Production design:Christoph Schneider (Szenenbild)
Set construction:Helmut Jurytko
Make-up artist:Willi Gesche, Waltraud Dietze
Costume design:Barbara Braumann
Editing:Evelyn Carow
Sound:Gerhard Ribbeck, Gerhard Baumgarten
Music:Karl-Ernst Sasse
Dietrich MechowRichard Roth
Ursula KarusseitRuth
Dorit GäblerEva
Karin DüwelGerda
Petra BlosseyNanny
Lothar SchellhornPeter Wille
Peter SturmBrigadier Fuchs
Günther GrabbertSchildirektor
Carl-Heinz ChoynskiHeinz Jung
Jaecki SchwarzWolfgang Keller
Bernd SchrammKlaus Zaubitzer
Stanisław BrankatschkBernd
Hilmar BaumannArzt
Trude BretinaFrau Schmitz
Peter KalischMax Meiler
Wilhelm Koch-HoogeProf. Scholbin
Ruth KommerellRichterin
Arnim MühlstädtZibulka
Rudi ReichPostbote Fiete
Annemarie Siemank-RippergerSchwester
Ernst-Georg SchwillMann im Zug
Rudolf UlrichWolff
Renate UskoAugenärztin
Erik VeldreSekretär
Anja FrankeKind Silke
Willi SchradeBoxer
Hannes StelzerPhilatelist
Peter PauliMoser-Imitator
Horst Papke1. Crossfahrer
Willi Neuenhahn2. Crossfahrer
Günther Drescher3. Crossfahrer
Michael Gwisdek
Production company:DEFA-Studio für Spielfilme (Potsdam-Babelsberg) (Künstlerische Arbeitsgruppe "Berlin")
Unit production manager:Erich Albrecht
Location manager:Dieter Krüger, Karl-Heinz Rüsike, Theo Scheibler
Original distributor:Progress Film-Verleih (Berlin/DDR)
Length:2634 m, 97 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,66
Picture/Sound:Orwocolor, Mono
Screening:Uraufführung (DD): 26.02.1981, Berlin, Kosmos


Originaltitel (DD) Die Stunde der Töchter



Length:2634 m, 97 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,66
Picture/Sound:Orwocolor, Mono
Screening:Uraufführung (DD): 26.02.1981, Berlin, Kosmos