Falling Rocks

Falling Rocks

Deutschland 1999/2000, TV-Spielfilm


Falling Rocks

A chartered DC3 Cargo-Liner flies a group of five friends across the wilderness of South Africa. Their destination, Nowhere; an abandoned airstrip close to the Namibian border. From here on the group starts a hiking trip, back to nature, away from the big city lights. For the first night, they set up camp next to a river.

Sitting around the campfire they tell each other stories from past times, drink whisky and enjoy their company. Everyone is in a happy camper mood.
Early next morning, they find the body of a dead parachutist by the river. The group examines the corpse and finds a box filled with uncut diamonds, roughly valued at $6 million. What to do? Inform the police? Turn back? But how? They can only move forward, there′s no way back! No mobile phones, nor any other means of communication! Only at the end of their trip will they be able to inform the authorities. But do they really want to do that?
Subtle discords begin to grumble and growl inside their heads, conflicts break out in the open. It′s not a good start for a trip back to nature. On the second day one of the group is killed, on the third day another. The circumstances are mysterious. Are they being followed? The deaths continue day by day until only two members of the group remain. A man and a woman. The trek through the wilderness has turned into a struggle of life and death.

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All Credits

Director:Peter Keglevic
Assistant director:Adam Friedländer, Eva-Maria Schönecker, Sandra Venzke
Screenplay:Ed Gardiner, Ron Peer
Adaptation:Detlef Blettenberg, Timothy Tremper
Director of photography:Alexander Fischerkoesen, Hans-Günther Bücking
Still photography:Jürgen Olczyk
Production design:Delia de Villiers Minnaar
Prop master:Andrew Orlando
Make-up artist:Fiona Musselwhite
Special make-up effects:Hasso von Hugo
Costume design:Ulrike Schütte
Editing:Moune Barius
Foley editor:Lisa Geffken-Reinhard
Sound design:Stefan Busch
Sound:Tschangis Chahrokh
Foley artist:Jo Fürst
Stunt co-ordinator:Anthony Mo Marais
Music:Jürgen Ecke
Claudia MichelsenJessica
Koen De BouwPhil
Christoph WaltzLouis
Anica DobraBarbara
Chiara SchorasFiona
Aleksandar JovanovićMichael
André M. HennickeAlex
Lloyd XhasaKleiner Junge
Kevin BaselPostbeamter
Candicé HillebrandFrau am Balkon
Brian O'ShaughnessyPilot
Danny KeoghGold Digger
Inonge MalumoPolizistin
Production company:TTD Checkpoint Berlin Filmproduktion GmbH (Berlin)
in co-production with:SevenPictures GmbH (Unterföhring)
in association with:Mr. Brown Entertainment Filmproduction GmbH (Potsdam), Upstart! Filmproduktion GmbH (Wiesbaden), ProSieben Television AG (Unterföhring)
Producer:Herbert Gehr, Michael Helfrich, Daniel C. Witte, Thomas Zickler
Executive producer:Christiane Kirsch, Timothy Tremper
Line producer:Giselher Venzke
Associate producer:Benjamin Herrmann
Unit production manager:Sheila van Zyl
Length:96 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,85
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby SRD
Screening:Erstaufführung (DE): 29.06.2000, München, Filmfest


Originaltitel (DE) Falling Rocks



Length:96 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,85
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby SRD
Screening:Erstaufführung (DE): 29.06.2000, München, Filmfest