Deutschland 2005/2006, Dokumentarfilm


Goddesses of Soccer

"Goddesses of Soccer" submerges us into the everyday life of women and their passion for soccer. The film goes far beyond the game, giving an exceptional portrait of four women and their surroundings.
Trautchen has given her best years to her soccer club. Her emancipation went hand in hand with her work on and around the soccer field. Here she began to blossom and learned to stand her ground. The retired Berliner keeps her role as a big mouth and boss on the renowned mid-city soccer field. Life just won’t let her slow down.
Beatrix needs strong nerves, she is one of Germany’s youngest soccer referees. She’ll take up any challenge. The 16-year-old seems to have almost everything under control, if it wasn’t for her adolescence.

Devoted fan Bettina draws all her energy from a packed stadium. She couldn’t imagine life without her soccer club. Her run-of-the-mill life as an insurance agent is compensated through thriving emotions as a soccer fan.
Viola has been playing soccer since she was a child. Today she is a soccer world champion. But being a top-notch player means being under constant pressure and being completely dedicated. She also studies Sports at the university and hopes that her female successors have it easier one day in the male dominated world of soccer.

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Originaltitel (DE) Fussballgöttinnen



Length:90 min
Format:HDTV - überspielt auf 35mm
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Ton
Screening:Kinostart (DE): 20.04.2006



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