Geheimnisse einer Seele

Geheimnisse einer Seele

Deutschland 1925/1926, Spielfilm


Secrets of a Soul

When a chemist learns that the charming cousin of his beautiful wife returns from India after a long time, he repeatedly has bizarre, frightening dreams. Thus, he, for instance, dreams that he tries to stab his wife to death with a dagger. He is so haunted by the dream that he develops a real fear of knives from the next day on. Meanwhile, his wife and her cousin become more and more worried about the husband whose own delusional despair ends in an attempt to actually stab his wife to death – exactly as he had anticipated it in his dream.
Terrified about his own uncontrollable behavior, the man flees his house, moves in with his mother, and consults a psychoanalyst. During long sessions, the man tells his analyst about his dreams and his memories, about his experiences that influenced him in his childhood, and about the fears that trouble him until today. Like a puzzle, the single fragments fit together and slowly, the analyst is able to approach the heart of the man′s problems.


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All Credits

Director:G. W. Pabst
Assistant director:Mark Sorkin
Screenplay:Colin Ross, Hans Neumann
Director of photography:Guido Seeber, Curt Oertel, Walter Robert Lach
Production design:Ernö Metzner
Editing:Paul Falkenberg (?)
Consultant:Dr. Karl Abraham (Fachwissenschaftliche Beratung), Hanns Sachs (Fachwissenschaftliche Beratung)
Music:Giuseppe Becce (Bei der Uraufführung)
Werner KraußFabrikchemiker N.
Ruth WeyherFrau
Ilka GrüningMutter
Jack TrevorVetter
Pawel PawlowArzt
Hertha von WaltherAssistentin
Renate BrausewetterDienerin
Colin RossKriminalkommissar
Production company:Neumann-Film-Produktion GmbH (Berlin)
Commissioned by:Universum Film AG (Ufa) - Kulturabteilung (Berlin)
Producer:Hans Neumann
Location manager:Richard Ortlieb
Original distributor:Universum Film AG (Ufa) - Kulturabteilung (Berlin)
Picture/Sound:s/w, ohne Ton
Screening:Uraufführung (DE): 24.03.1926, Berlin, Gloria-Palast


Originaltitel (DE) Geheimnisse einer Seele
Untertitel Ein psychoanalytischer Film
Untertitel Ein psychoanalytisches Kammerspiel
späterer Verleihtitel Geheimnisse einer kranken Seele



Picture/Sound:s/w, ohne Ton
Screening:Uraufführung (DE): 24.03.1926, Berlin, Gloria-Palast


Length:6 Akte, 2214 m
Rating:Zensur (DE): 25.01.1926, B.12226, Jugendverbot