Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso

Deutschland 1999/2000, Spielfilm


Following an accident 19-year old Mark is confined to a wheelchair unable to accept he will never walk again. When he tries to kill himself his therapist, Lisa, saves him by promising to make his dream come true: climbing the icy peak of the 13,000 ft high Gran Paradiso in the Alps.

But financial and bureaucratic problems get in the way so Lisa comes up with a daring plan and enlists her friend and colleague Martin who works in a youth prison. It′s a strange group which finally sets off up the mountain: Mark, Lisa with the mentally handicapped odd couple Rosi and Harpo, and Martin with the juvenile delinquents recruited to carry Mark: Wolf, the charismatic leader of fellow inmates Edwin and Rocky, a clumsy skinhead and a streetwise Turk who are always fighting. Physical hardships are soon forgotten as prejudices and mental barriers prove a bigger problem. The quest becomes a painful test of solidarity. The very disparate characters bond as they struggle through the magnificent mountainscape with its limitless horizons. In the end, reaching the peak is no longer an issue. They have learned to appreciate new values: friendship and tolerance. The people who come down are not the ones went up.

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All Credits

Director:Miguel Alexandre
Assistant director:Mike Brown
Script supervisor:Angelika Krantz (Continuity)
Screenplay:Georg Heinzen
Script editor:Christina Kaschuba (Drehbuchberatung)
Director of photography:Peter Indergand
Assistant camera:Tony Hofmann
Clapper loader:Yvonne Geiler
2nd Camera unit:Thomas Gottschalk (Schweiz)
Steadycam operator:Ricardo Brunner (Hamburg), Bernhard Wuthrich (Schweiz), Eckhard Jansen (Schweiz)
Optical effects:Jan Krupp, Martin Riedel, Ismat Zaidi
Optical effects camera:Gregor Huber (Video-Operator)
Still photography:Thorsten Jander
Lighting design:Detlef Thiel
Key grip:Matthias Gelhausen
Set design:Kirsten Garbade
Property master:Desiree Peton
Stand-by props:Michael Steinbacher
Construction manager:Gonda Hinrichs (Hamburg), Lars Andresen (Hamburg), Max Moormann (Schweiz), Christian Wollberg (Schweiz), Mike Hubl (Schweiz)
Make-up artist:Guido Lutz, Sonja Euhus, Rolf Baumann (Hamburg)
Costume design:Stefanie Bieker, Tania Kawski (Assistenz)
Editing:Inge Behrens
Negative cutter:Hilke Schulz
Sound design:Jan Bennert
Sound:Eric Rueff
Sound assistant:Thomas Vosseler
Music recording:Tadeusz Mieczkowski
Synch sound:Stephan Rackwitz
Foley artist:Otger Kunert
Audio mixing:Jan Bennert
Consultant:Alexander Hemmpel (Musik-Beratung)
Casting:Heta Mantscheff
Music:Dominic Roth
Conductor:Manfred Honetschläger
Arrangement:Manfred Honetschläger (Orchestrierung), Dominic Roth (Orchestrierung)
Ken DukenMark
Regula GrauwillerLisa
Gregor TörzsWolf
Max HerbrechterMartin
Frank GieringEdwin
Alexander HörbeHarpo
Erhan EmreRocky
Antje WestermannRosi
Gerhard GarbersHeimleiter
Monika HäckermannPflegerin
Rainer Werner1. Bergsteiger
Thomas Jester2. Bergsteiger
Marco GiovanoliHüttenwirt
Leo BlättlerVater
Production company:Studio Hamburg Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH (Hamburg)
in co-production with:Warner Bros. Filmproduktion GmbH (Hamburg), Monty Filmgesellschaft GmbH (Köln)
in association with:CineMedia Film AG (München-Geiselgasteig)
Producer:Henrik Meyer
Executive producer:Verena Herfurth
Associate producer:Wolfgang Esenwein
Unit production manager:Jens Meyer
Location manager:Chris Evert (1. Aufnahmeleitung), Sven Herrmann (2. Aufnahmeleitung), Claudia Hentschel (Hamburg)
Production coordinator:Leo Blättler
Pre-production:Carsten Schumacher (Projekt-Koordination)
Shoot:03.08.1999-09.10.1999: Engadin, Hamburg, Schweiz
Original distributor:Warner Bros. Pictures Germany GmbH (Hamburg)
Funding:Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA) (Berlin), FilmFörderung Hamburg GmbH (Hamburg)
Length:2900 m, 106 min
Picture/Sound:Fujicolor, Dolby SRD
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 04.08.2000, 85491, ab 6 Jahre / feiertagsfrei
Screening:Kinostart (DE): 09.11.2000


Originaltitel (DE) Gran Paradiso
Untertitel Das Abenteuer Mensch zu sein



Length:2900 m, 106 min
Picture/Sound:Fujicolor, Dolby SRD
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 04.08.2000, 85491, ab 6 Jahre / feiertagsfrei
Screening:Kinostart (DE): 09.11.2000


Deutscher Filmpreis 2001
Lola, Beste Nebendarstellerin