Hans Röckle und der Teufel

Hans Röckle und der Teufel

DDR 1973/1974, Spielfilm


Defa fairy tale movie about a puppeteer and imaginative inventor called Röckle, who one day receives a mysterious visitor:The devil Flammfuß appears in his workshop and makes him a compelling offer: Flammfuß wants to vest Röckle with magical powers – but if Röckle does not manage to create something new in seven times seven hours, he would lose his soul to the devil. Röckle agrees on the pact and uses this chance to create things to help people and to facilitate living. Thus, he invents a needle for a sewer that sews on its own, and a flute for a farmer to play for rain. But it soon becomes evident that his marvellous inventions not only bring a blessing to mankind. The owner of the manufacture, for instance, cuts down the wages of the sewers, whereas the landowner takes away the flute from the farmer to irrigate his own soil by the power of magic. Finally, Röckle finds a a way out: By means of his newly invented telescope, he looks ahead into the future – and realises that his inventions are best placed there. In the end, he sets out for the future in his new magical boots.

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All Credits

Director:Hans Kratzert
Assistant director:Peter Kahane, Marie-Luise Krause
Script supervisor:Klaus Richter de Vroe
Screenplay:Hans Kratzert
Scenario:Gudrun Deubener
based on:Ilse Korn, Vilmos Korn (Märchen "Meister Hans Röckle und Mister Flammfuss")
Director of photography:Wolfgang Braumann
Assistant camera:Dietram Kleist, Heinz Schröder
Optical effects:Ingo Baar
Still photography:Uwe Fleischer
Production design:Klaus Winter (Szenenbild)
Set construction:Manfred Böhme, Harald Wenzel
Sculptor:Annemarie Fritsche (Puppen Gestaltung)
Make-up artist:Klaus Becker, Waltraud Becker
Costume design:Barbara Braumann
Editing:Bärbel Weigel
Sound:Günter Springer, Gerhard Ribbeck, Peter Foerster
Consultant:Ilse Korn
Music:Günther Fischer
Music performer:Günther Fischer (und seine Band)
Rolf HoppeMeister Hans Röckle
Peter AustFlammfuss
Herbert KöferReichenbach
Simone von ZglinickiLuisa
Matthias GüntherJacob
Christa LehmannEllermutter
Regina BeyerBase Margret
Helmut SchreiberBaron
Joe SchornZacharias
Pedro HebenstreitHausierer
Klaus EbelingFuhrmann
Theresia WiderResolute Frau
Jörg HochschildKind Konrad
Karl MaschwitzLakai
Kathrin HaseloffKind Lenchen
Klaus EbelingFuhrmann
Gerd LübbertBauer
Peter HeilandHausknecht
Renate WendelBäurin
Gisela AsbachBäurin
Brunhild Lautenbach-SeifertMädchen am Brunnen
Ute WisznawitzkiMädchen des Burschen
Viet-Peter TreuholzWirt
Klaus GallerTeufel
Janus RehorTeufel
Herbert HoffmannTeufel
Alexander OnodyTeufel
Jürgen NassTeufel
Production company:DEFA-Studio für Spielfilme (Potsdam-Babelsberg) (Küstlerische Arbeitgruppe "Berlin")
Unit production manager:Wolfgang Rennebarth
Location manager:Peter Schlaak, Viet-Peter Treuholz
Original distributor:Progress Film-Verleih (Berlin/DDR)
Length:2130 m, 78 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,66
Picture/Sound:Orwocolor, Mono
Screening:Uraufführung (DD): 05.07.1974, Schwerin, Zentrales Pionierlager


Originaltitel (DD) Hans Röckle und der Teufel



Length:2130 m, 78 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,66
Picture/Sound:Orwocolor, Mono
Screening:Uraufführung (DD): 05.07.1974, Schwerin, Zentrales Pionierlager