Il cuore in mano, i piedi sulla strada

Il cuore in mano, i piedi sulla strada

Deutschland / Italien 2011/2012, Spielfilm


Life doesn't need a script

At the beginning of this film there were pictures, atmospheres, situations, and thoughts, which came and went, rushing by like a car on the street, or passers-by, to whom you give your attention for a moment.

There was always a point of departure, or an end, but the stories developed themselves, the situations were spontaneous.

We went forward step by step, reflecting situations and these then filled up with life. There were also surprises.

So we let life take us drifting along the street. As happens to many, who are washed up like flotsam on this street by the sea. But someday you arrive at the end of the road and you look back to that which has been there.

"Road of Hearts" is just this. Sometimes exciting, sometimes poetic, in some instances hot and sprightly, in some cool and calm. But it is always the people and their stories that make the street. And so it will continue.

Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH


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Originaltitel (IT) Il cuore in mano, i piedi sulla strada
Aufführungstitel (DE) Road Of Hearts



Length:104 min
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Stereo