Jesus Cries

Jesus Cries

Deutschland 2013-2015, Spielfilm


"Jesus Cries" is a modern adaptation of the New Testament. The story is set in a fictitious metropolis in the near future. The First and Third Worlds are reflected in one city. The divide between poor and wealthy continually grows. As insurrection begins, Jesus of Nazareth becomes the political and spiritual force behind change. He is arrested, tortured, and executed. After his death, his disciples are thrown into confusion with feelings of doubt and guilt. They fight over the interpretation of his teachings and their responsibility to his vision. Will they themselves move to action?Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH


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All Credits

Director:Brigitte M. Mayer
Script supervisor:Sibel Koyuncu
Screenplay:Brigitte M. Mayer
Director of photography:Niklas Lindschau
2nd Camera unit:Christiane Buchmann
Steadycam operator:Thorsten Alt
Colour grading:Rico Danschke
Still photography:Endres Löber
Lighting design:Oliver Heße
Key grip:Sebastian Krückl
Make-up artist:Sandra Stockmeier
Special make-up effects:Stefan von Essen
Costume design:Claudia Gonschorek
Editing:Karl Riedl
Sound:Samuel Schmidt
Sound assistant:Max Kober
Casting:Anja Dihrberg
Sabin TambreaJesus
Christian SengewaldKaiphas
Emily CoxMagdalena
Mercedes MüllerBarnabas
Kai-Michael MüllerAndreas
Ulrich BrandhoffPetrus
Max Schimmelpfennig
Producer:Brigitte M. Mayer
Unit production manager:Kivik Kuvik
Location manager:Kivik Kuvik
Format:HD, 16:9
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby


Originaltitel (DE) Jesus Cries



Format:HD, 16:9
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby