Deutschland 2010-2013, Spielfilm


Alex Gaul is a talented actor whose big chance is finally about to come! At least that's what he thinks. For the time being, he earns his money with roles in cheap porn films, but in real life, he hasn't got a clue! One day, he manages to sneak onto the set of a big TV production, where he is mistaken for the local film star Zacharias Zucker, the resemblance really is uncanny. Seizing the opportunity, he takes fate by the hand and knocks out the disgusting, misanthropist Zucker, taking over his role. During the shoot, the totally overwhelmed Alex has to do more absurd and reckless actions in order not to blow his cover. And he has to keep up his role in a porn movie at the same time, which doesn't make things easier! More and more he becomes caught up between the coked-up and kinky sets and soon starts to really resemble the nasty TV star Zucker. When he finally has to decide between the blooming love towards the housemaid Yve and a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, he makes a decision that changes everything …

A comedy which makes fun of filmmaking, the German feelgood-film-tradition, the porn industry and the people behind the scenes.

Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH


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All Credits

Director:Daniel Krauss
Assistant director:Andrea Picht
Script supervisor:Sandra Delatron
Script supervisor:Sandra Delatron
Screenplay:Lasse Nolte, Daniel Krauss
Director of photography:Markus Nestroy, Nicu Mihailescu
Assistant camera:Christian Weisemöller, Michael Anlauff
Still photography:Franz Meiller
Lighting design:Oliver Heße
Gaffer:Patrick Rosta
Production design:Jan Müller
Property master:Viola Findler
Stand-by props:Judith Klug, Quirin Kehm
Make-up artist:Sabine Köhn, Florian Zeughan, Rabea Schäfers
Costume design:Angela Neis, Cornelia Würbser (Assistenz)
Editing:Nathalie Kurz
Sound:Benjamin E.G. Gruber
Sound assistant:Boris Micheler
Choreographer:Regina Weber
Casting:Emrah Ertem
Music:Jan Giese
Antoine Monot Jr.Alex Gaul/Zacharias Zucker
Hannes JaenickeKoryphäe
Anna Julia KapfelspergerYve
Ilja RichterSenderchef
Grit BoettcherOma Heidrun
Franz MeillerEdwin Hammersau
Heinrich SchafmeisterRegisseur
Gerit KlingRedakteurin
Lesley Jennifer HiglHeidi
Lars MontagProduzent 1
Tobias SchönenbergProduzent 2
Hendrik MartzAutor
Anna EgerSilke
Lesley Jennifer HiglHeidi
Martin JackowskiKameramann
Teresa HaberederLa Toya
Markus KnüfkenKollege
Günther GrauerPortier
Rolf ZacherDr. Wottke
Rainer SchmidtChauffeur
Jens KrassnigOttmar
Production company:Zuckerfilm GmbH (Berlin)
Producer:Antoine Monot Jr., Franz Meiller, Daniel Krauss
Unit production manager:Christian Füllmich
Location manager:Christoph Heidrich, Julius Grimm (Set)
Production assistant:Oliver M. Gernstl
Shoot:20.09.2010-31.10.2010: München, Wörthersee
Original distributor:Kinostar Filmverleih GmbH (Stuttgart)
Length:88 min
Format:HD, 1:2,35
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 01.10.2013, 140270, ab 16 Jahre/feiertagsfrei
Screening:Kinostart (DE): 31.10.2013


Originaltitel (DE) Kaiserschmarrn
Weiterer Titel (DE) Am Wörthersee



Length:88 min
Format:HD, 1:2,35
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby
Rating:FSK-Prüfung (DE): 01.10.2013, 140270, ab 16 Jahre/feiertagsfrei
Screening:Kinostart (DE): 31.10.2013