Last Chance Love

Last Chance Love

Hongkong / Deutschland 1994/1995, Spielfilm


Last Chance Love

Jessica Chung has her palm read by her mother when she is eight years old. Her mother tells her that she will only have one chance in love. This chance is something special which cannot be frittered away. Later Jessica falls in love with an American, Robert, while away on a modeling job in Los Angeles.

Against her parents′ wishes, Jessica moves to L.A., marries Robert and give birth to her daughter, Kim. 15 years later, Jessica divorces Robert and returns to Hong Kong with Kim. Convinced that she would never be given another chance in love, Jessica ignores the advances of Michael, a businessman living in Hong Kong, who falls in love with her during the flight from L.A. Kim also rejects the romance which slowly develops between Michael and her mother in the hope that her parents will reconcile and she can return to America, the only culture she knows.

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All Credits

Director:Ankie Lau
Screenplay:Ankie Lau, P. Cartwright, Ebbo Demant
Director of photography:Gu Chang Wei
Editing:Johannes Nikel
Music:Stefan Truyman, Stefan von Hase, Yves Elegeert
Ankie LauJessica Cheung
Tyrone Power Jr.Michael
Brett StimelySteven
Bill CampbellRobert
Dey YoungElke
Sharon FarrellMrs. Worthington
Audrey LandersMichelle
Lai SuenMutter
Production company:Dr. Michael Popp Produktion (München), Cinerent Company Ltd. (Hong Kong), Lau Film International GmbH (München)
Producer:Ankie Lau, Michael Popp
Shoot:10.1994-12.1994: Hongkong, Los Angeles
Distributor:Lau Film International GmbH (München)
Length:99 min
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby Stereo SR
Screening:Kinostart (DE): 18.06.1998


Originaltitel (HK DE) Last Chance Love
Weiterer Titel (DE) Hong Kong - Eine Liebe fürs Leben



Length:99 min
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby Stereo SR
Screening:Kinostart (DE): 18.06.1998