Orson Welles: The One-Man Band

Orson Welles: The One-Man Band

Deutschland / Frankreich / Schweiz 1995, Dokumentarfilm


When Orson Welles, enfant terrible and creator of some of the greatest works in film history, died in 1985, The Other Side of the Wind remained unfinished: this was the film that, born in Welles‚ last decade, became a myth; this was the film that was to be his belated master-piece.

And yet Welles bequeathed his longtime companion Oja Kodar a wealth of other, unedited films and fragments, that offer undreamt-of intimate insights into Welles′ undying creativity. Today, ten years later, the semi-documentary film Orson Welles - The One-Man Band tells the story of this extraordinary filmmaker‚s last years. Welles′ futile efforts to complete The Other Side of the Wind weaves like a red thread through a great part of his previously unedited fragments, now made accessible, now telling their own stories. Orson Welles - The One-man Band includes excerpts from The Deep, Merchant of Venice, The Dreamers, Moby Dick, Tailors, Churchill, Swinging London, The One-Man Band, F For Fake-Trailer, Magic-Show, The-Orson-Welles-Show, Filming the Trial and The Other Side of the Wind.

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All Credits

Director:Oja Kodar, Vassili Silovic
Assistant director:Igor Heitzmann
Screenplay:Vassili Silovic, Roland Zag
Commentary:Sabrina Nouri, Pierre Bonnafous, Antoine Le Bos
Script (other):Oja Kodar (Mitarbeit)
Director of photography:Thomas Mauch
Assistant camera:Olivier Chambon, Andreas Teichner
Still photography:Charlotte Wild
Lighting design:Daniel Benkimoun, Peter Demmer, Markus Behle, Bernard Maupin
Editing:Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte
Assistant editor:Kako Kelber, Valentine Traclet
Sound:André Siekierski, Hugo Poletti
Audio mixing:Hans Künzi
Miscellaneous:Gabriele Guggemos (Dokumentation), Orson Welles
Music:Simon Cloquet
Participation:Oja Kodar
Voice:François Marthouret
Production company:Medias Res Film- und Fernsehproduktions GmbH (München + Berlin), Méditerranée Cinéma Productions S.A. (Paris), BOA Filmproduktion AG (Zürich)
in co-production with:La Cinquième (Paris), INA (Paris), Canal + Española (Madrid), Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) (München), La Sept / Arte (Issy-les-Moulineaux), SRG/DRS (Zürich)
Producer:Pit Riethmüller
Co-Producer:Roland Zug, François Werner, Fredy Messmer, Dominique Antoine
Producer (TV):Claude Guisard, Hubert von Spreti, Martin Schmassmann, Maurice Olivier, Jean-François Doisnes, Karen Michael
Unit production manager:Norbert Maaß, Michael Bittins, Jean-Marie Charent, Paolo Gambino
Location manager:Ines Zurbuchen
Production coordinator:Nora Hoppe
Production office:Ariette Greil-Langkop
Shoot:: Los Angeles, Orvilliers (bei Paris)
Distributor:Real Fiction Filmverleih (Köln)
Funding:MAP TV (Straßburg), Schweizer Bundesamt für Kultur, Eureka-Programm, Bayerische Film- und Fernsehförderung (LfA) (München), Centre National de la Cinématographie (C.N.C.) (Paris), Filmbüro Berlin-Brandenburg
Length:88 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,37
Picture/Sound:Eastmancolor, Dolby
Screening:Kinostart (DE): 23.01.1997


Originaltitel (DE) Orson Welles: The One-Man Band
Originaltitel (FR CH) Orson Welles: L' Homme Orchestre



Length:88 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,37
Picture/Sound:Eastmancolor, Dolby
Screening:Kinostart (DE): 23.01.1997