Russisches Roulette

Russisches Roulette

Deutschland / Belarus 1995, Spielfilm


Russian Roulette - Moscow 95

The Russian mafia kills four businessmen. Their widows join forces and take revenge with the help of a call girl, who in reality is a urologist, by having the penises of the mafia bosses surgically removed.

The widows demand a public and written confession of their crimes and the vow that they will never follow a life of crime again. If this is done, they would be prepared to return the penises tothe mafiosi. What is actually a very serious subject about the Russian mafia is cleverly transformed into a black comedy without playing down the danger of this organisation. There is a real sensation about the action of these widows who think they are capable of doing something that the CID hardly dares think about - of destroying the mafia.

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Originaltitel (DE) Russisches Roulette
Weiterer Titel Russisch Roulett - Moskau 95



Length:90 min
Picture/Sound:Eastmancolor, Mono