...und ich dachte, du magst mich

...und ich dachte, du magst mich

DDR 1986/1987, Spielfilm


11-year old Lena is on her first trip to a vacation camp. Already on the trip to the camp, she develops a crush for the older Wolfgang, and in the following days they become deeply acquainted with each other. But soon, problems arise that put their friendship to a hard test. Precocious Antonia has cast an eye on the good-looking Wolfgang; furthermore housemaster Eichler and teacher Busse disapprove of the relationship of their pupils. To prevent that both children spend too much time with each other, they are put into different groups. Thus, Lena becomes angry with the housemaster. The conflict escalates, and after a disco event, Lena suddenly disappears. Every attempt to find Lena fails until Wolfgang remembers where Lena might be hiding. He starts to look for her and brings her back to the camp.

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All Credits

Director:Hannelore Unterberg
Assistant director:Bernd Sahling, Claudia Rütz
Screenplay:Hannelore Unterberg
Script editor:Andreas Scheinert
Director of photography:Michael Göthe
Assistant camera:Dietram Kleist
Still photography:Hans-Joachim Zillmer
Production design:Georg Kranz
Set construction:Gunter Stötzel
Prop master:Ingo Pries, Sven Hausmann
Make-up artist:Regina Lück, Heinz Wolter
Costume design:Katrin Johnsen
Editing:Renate Bade
Sound:Klaus Heidemann
Audio mixing:Helga Kadenbach
Music:Thomas Heyn, Gerhard Schöne (Lieder)
Sören LissnerWolfgang
Ulrike DrägerLena
Cindy ScholpAntonia
Sebastian HattopOliver
Ulrike KnabePetra
Martina JonasGabi
Constanze KuschUschi
Madlen BalkMonika
Rajko EpperleinGregor
Jens SkoruppaRonald
Oliver SchulzThomas
Günter NaumannHeimleiter Eichler
Jan ZalekRobert
Norman PietschPaul
Patrick BahnemannPatrick
Barbara DittusFrau Busse
Susanne LüningSusanne
Peter KubeMichael
Brigitte KrauseKöchin Eichler
Carl-Heinz ChoynskiBauer Alex
Production company:DEFA-Studio für Spielfilme (Potsdam-Babelsberg) (Künstlerische Arbeitsgruppe "Johannisthal")
Unit production manager:Ralph Retzlaff
Location manager:Klaus Preissel, Bernd Marx
Original distributor:Progress Film-Verleih (Berlin/DDR)
Length:1844 m, 68 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,66
Picture/Sound:Orwocolor, Mono
Screening:Uraufführung (DD): 31.07.1987, Berlin, Colosseum


Originaltitel (DD) ...und ich dachte, du magst mich
Arbeitstitel (DD) Die Vogelmühle



Length:1844 m, 68 min
Format:35mm, 1:1,66
Picture/Sound:Orwocolor, Mono
Screening:Uraufführung (DD): 31.07.1987, Berlin, Colosseum