Unter der Laterne. Trink, trink, Brüderlein, trink

Unter der Laterne. Trink, trink, Brüderlein, trink

Deutschland 1928, Spielfilm


Under the Lantern

Young Else goes out dancing with her boyfriend against her father’s will. When the old despot realizes she’s gone, he locks her out of the apartment. Else moves in with Hans, who is unemployed, and his friend Max, a street hawker. The trio performs a music hall comedy routine in a horse costume that is a rousing success. Hans begins talking about marriage. But Else is still a minor. When her father sends the police to bring her home, she runs away. In desperation, she accepts the invitation of a shady talent agent. When Hans tracks her down there, he jumps to the wrong conclusion …

"Unter der Laterne" is a tale of the classic descent into prostitution. Set in the Berlin of the 'small people', the film focuses a not unattractive light on the entertainment district of dimly-lit beer halls and nightclubs, with its cheap sparkle and flickering neon. But at the same time, it highlights the dark side – the back alleys and streetwalkers, the pimps and taxi dancers, the grim world of furnished rooms and human decline. In doing so, what is ostensibly a drama of generational conflict and romance is revealed to be, at heart, a film about social strata.

Source: 64. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (Catalogue)


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All Credits

Director:Gerhard Lamprecht
Screenplay:Gerhard Lamprecht, Luise Heilborn-Körbitz
Director of photography:Karl Hasselmann
Still photography:Walter Lichtenstein
Production design:Otto Moldenhauer
Make-up artist:Carl Eduard Schulz
Music:Hansheinrich Dransmann
Lissy ArnaElse Riedel
Gerhard DammannElses Vater
Mathias WiemanHans Grothe
Paul HeidemannMax Thiele
Hubert von MeyerinckNevin
Carla BartheelZora
Max MaximilianLouis
Käte Haackdie Frau
Hilde SchewiorFrieda
Sybil Moreldie Alte
Karl HannemannTanzmeister
Georg Paeschkeder "Anreißer"
Maria Petersondie letzte Frau
Eva SpeyerStraßenmädchen
Lilli SchoenbornStraßenmädchen
Anna von PalenBlinde
Fee WachsmuthKind
Franz Ernst BochumNevins Bürovorsteher
Léon WeillBetrunkener
Alexandra Schmitt
Walter Ladengast
Nico Turoff
Production company:Gerhard-Lamprecht-Film Produktion GmbH (Berlin) (National-Warner Programm)
Producer:Gerhard Lamprecht
Location manager:Ernst Körner
Rating:Prüfung: 08.08.1928


Originaltitel (DE) Unter der Laterne. Trink, trink, Brüderlein, trink



Rating:Prüfung: 08.08.1928