Was uns nicht umbringt

Was uns nicht umbringt

Deutschland 2016/2017, Spielfilm


What doesn´t kill us

As if Maximilian didn’t have enough problems being a divorced father of two teenage daughters, having a stormy ex-wife, and being a popular psychotherapist who increasingly finds himself less able to help his patients, his world then falls apart when Sophie, a foley artist with a gambling problem and an abusive boyfriend, turns up late for her appointment at his office. "What doesn´t kill us" deals in a melancholic, cheerful way with the identity crisis and affairs of the heart arising in midlife. It shows the highs and the lows that can both save and haunt us when we realize that the second half of life has already begun. We have long come around, it’s true, but it’s never too late to take risks.

Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH


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