Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Österreich / Deutschland 2004, Spielfilm


Welcome Home

Another one of those stories that we hear about everyday: after a dramatic chase along the Austrian border, illegal refugees are found and captured. And then we never hear of them again. The problem seems to be solved: arrest and deportation. 

But this time, everything is different: the story is continued in Ghana, where everything is suddenly turned upside down. Isaac is a 25-year-old black man and an illegal alien in Austria. He assimilates however well into his new home, becomes the star of the local football team and finds an Austrian girlfriend. One day, simply by chance, the police discover that Isaac’s British passport is forged. They assume that Isaac is from Ghana and send him to be deported.

Two Austrian police officers, Roesler and Samhaber, accompany Isaac to Ghana, but upon arrival the Ghanese immigration officials do not buy the validity of his papers. They accuse the Austrian officers of forging documents and confiscate their passports, not allowing them to leave the country until the case has been cleared. But since Roesler and Samhaber were not prepared for an extended stay, they have nothing: no clothes, no money, and no passports. All of a sudden, the tables are turned and now they have to see how they can make ends meet until the Austrian embassy opens again... on Monday morning.

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All Credits

Director:Andreas Gruber
Assistant director:Olaf Benold, Dana Haack
Screenplay:Andreas Gruber
Director of photography:Hermann Dunzendorfer
Assistant camera:Gerrit Armonies
Lighting design:Michael Beitz
Set design:Bertram Reiter
Make-up artist:Ellen Just
Costume design:Esther Walz
Editing:Guido Krajewski
Sound:Marc Parisotto
Casting:Markus Schleinzer, Susanne Ritter
Music:Peter Androsch, Hannes Köcher
Georg FriedrichRösler
Rainer EggerSamhaber
Abdul SalisIsaac
Johannes SilberschneiderAltermüller
Abdi Gouhad (Abobaker)Ampofo
Manfred Lukas-LudererPayrhuber
Jeanette HainInge
Nina BlumKarin
Brigitte KarnerMichaelis
Edmund JägerAngerer
Aloysius ItokaMr. Abega
Ana StefanovićTamil
Production company:Wega Filmproduktionsgesellschaft mbH (Wien)
in co-production with:Colonia Media Filmproduktions GmbH (Köln)
in association with:Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) (Wien), Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) (Mainz)
Producer:Veit Heiduschka
Co-Producer:Frank Döhmann
Line producer:Michael Katz
Funding:Österreichisches Filminstitut (ÖFI) (Wien), Filmfonds Wien (Wien), Bundesland Oberösterreich, Film- und Medien Stiftung NRW (Düsseldorf)
Length:98 min bei 25 b/s
Format:35mm, 1:1,85
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby SRD
Screening:Uraufführung (DE): 29.10.2004, Hof, Internationale Filmtage


Originaltitel (AT DE) Welcome Home



Length:98 min bei 25 b/s
Format:35mm, 1:1,85
Picture/Sound:Farbe, Dolby SRD
Screening:Uraufführung (DE): 29.10.2004, Hof, Internationale Filmtage