Bernd Heiber

Bernd Heiber

Regie, Drehbuch, Produzent
*1964 Cottbus


Bernd Heiber was born in 1964 in Cottbus. After two years of national service, he worked at the Theater Cottbus as a stagehand. From 1986-1989, he was a director"s assistant at the Theater Senftenberg. He co-wrote and directed his first play, Kaenguru, in 1989. From 1992-1998 he studied Direction at the "Konrad Wolf" Academy of Film & Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg. His films include the documentary "It Is It" (1993), and the shorts, which he wrote and directed, "Wind" (1994), "Scheissleben" (1996), and "Das Klopfen" (1998), as well as "The Night Nurse" (Die Nachtschwester, 2000) and "Nr. 23 - oder wie der Honigloeffel in die Waesche kam" (2003) from the "Erotic Tales", and "Heartbreaker" (Herzentoeter, 2005).


2016/2017 Culpa - Niemand ist ohne Schuld
2010/2011 Teneriffa EXIT
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2005/2006 Herzentöter
Director, Screenplay
2003 Nr. 23
Director, Screenplay
2000 Die Nachtschwester
Director, Screenplay
1998 Das Klopfen
Director, Screenplay
1996 Scheissleben
Director, Screenplay


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