Chris Kraus

Chris Kraus

Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch, Produzent
*1963 Göttingen


Chris Kraus, born 1963 in Göttingen, worked as a journalist and illustrator before he began his studies at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb) in 1991. While studying, he worked as a screenwriter for TV ("Motzki", "Marga Engel schlägt zurück") but also as editor and script consultant for directors like Volker Schlöndorff and Rosa von Praunheim. After graduating in 1998, he wrote the script for von Praunheim's historical drama "Der Einstein des Sex" ("The Einstein of Sex: Life and work of Dr. M. Hirschfeld"), which was immediately nominated for the German Screenplay Award (Deutscher Drehbuchpreis).

His debut in cinema is marked by the 2002 drama "Scherbentanz" about a mother-and-son relationship. The film, based on Kraus's novel of the same title (2002), received a range of national and international awards. It was awarded the Bayerischer Filmpreis in two categories: "Best Up-And-Coming Director" and "Best Supporting Actress" (Margit Carstensen). Kraus's second feature "Vier Minuten" ("Four Minutes"), about the relationship between an elderly piano teacher and a highly gifted prison inmate, screened at many international festivals to great success. At the Bayerischer Filmpreis 2007 for example, Monica Bleibtreu and Hannah Herzsprung received the award for Best Actor and Best Young Actor. Kraus himself was awarded Best Director. His triumph continued impressively at the German Film Awards: On top of more Best Actress awards for Bleibtreu and Herzsprung, "Four Minutes" received the most generously endowed award for Best Feature Film.

In 2007, Kraus directed an episode ("Reise nach China") for the popular crime TV series "Bella Block", before finding his way back to cinema. The historical drama "Poll" ("The Poll Diaries", 2010) tells the story of a young Baltic German girl (Paula Beer), who, on the eve of the First World War, hides a wounded Estonian anarchist at her house. "Poll" premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2010, and received awards at festivals in Rome and Tallinn, inter alia.

In 2012, "Rosakinder", a joint project of actors and directors Chris Kraus, Julia von Heinz, Axel Ranisch, Robert Thalheim and Tom Tykwer premiered at the Hofer Filmtage. In short episodes, the five artists reflect on the relationship with their teacher and mentor Rosa von Praunheim.

Four years later, in October 2016 and again in Hof, Kraus presented his new feature film: "Die Blumen von gestern" ("Bloom of Yesterday", DE/AT 2016) about a serious Holocaust researcher, whose professional and private life is thrown into turmoil by his eccentric French intern.


2015/2016 Die Blumen von gestern
Director, Screenplay, Co-Producer
2011/2012 Rosakinder
2009/2010 Poll
Director, Screenplay, Co-Producer
2007 Reise nach China
Director, Screenplay
2006/2007 Meine Mütter - Spurensuche in Riga
2005/2006 Vier Minuten
Director, Screenplay, Co-Producer
2004 Acapulco
2003/2004 Basta. Rotwein oder Totsein
2002-2005 Wer ist Helene Schwarz?
2001/2002 Scherbentanz
Director, Screenplay, based on
1999/2000 Liebesluder
1998/1999 Der Einstein des Sex
1998/1999 Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabaß
Script editor