Gerold Hofmann

Gerold Hofmann

Regie, Drehbuch, Produzent


Gerold Hofmann was born in 1954 in Hochstetten. He studied Germanics and History in Heidelberg from 1974-1979, followed by teacher training. From 1984-1990, he was an executive at Studio TV Film for the children’s series "Loewenzahn". From 1990-1993, he was a freelance writer for the broadcasters ZDF and HR for various children’s programs; he then wrote for "Die Zeit TV" from 1993-1999. For the past three years, he has been a full-time writer and director of documentaries, including: "Wogen der Trauer". "Grosse Begraebnisse von JFK bis Lady Di" (TV, 1999), "In guten und in schlechten Zeiten. Hochzeitsgeschichten" (TV, 2000), "Knockin’ on Dylan’s Door. Begegnungen mit Bob Dylan" (TV, 2001), and "See What Happens" (2002), among others.

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