Gert Ludewig

Gert Ludewig

Regie, Produzent
*14.05.1949 Bad Harzburg


Gert Ludewig, born May 14, 1949, in Bad Harzburg, learned the art of animation films and puppetoons at the animation film studio ASL, the company that was set up by his father Gerhard Ludewig in Hamburg in 1967. In 1983, Gert Ludewig took over the management of the family company. After several commercials, for "Weißer Riese" and "Zentis", among others, and TV productions like "Winnetoons" or "Dou Dou Birds", Ludewig"s company finished its first digital post-production of a movie in 2001 with "Der kleine Eisbär" ("The Little Polar Bear"). ASL then participated in the post-productions of several other animation films for the movie screen before Gert Ludewig directed his first animation film in 2009: "Winnetoons – Die Legende vom Schatz im Silbersee", based on stories by Karl May.


2008/2009 Winnetoons - Die Legende vom Schatz im Silbersee
Director, Producer