Hanna Binke

Hanna Binke

Additional Names: Hanna Höppner (Geburtsname)


Hanna Binke was born in March 1999 and has been acting in television since 2007. She appeared in Till Endemann's "Carl & Bertha" (2011) and Sigi Rothemund's "Engel der Gerechtigkeit" (2011), as well as in episodes of the TV series "SOKO Wismar" (2009) and "Traumhotel" (2010). She also had a bit part in David Wnendt's award-winning drama "Die Kriegerin" (2011).

She got her first leading role in Katja von Garnier's "Ostwind" ("Windstorm"), which opened in March 2013: Hanna Binke plays redheaded Mika, who grudgingly spends her summer holiday on her grandmother's farm only to realize that she has a special gift regarding horses and is the only one who can tame the wild stallion Ostwind.

In the TV comedy "Robin Hood und ich" (2013) she played the daughter of a stressed-out mother who receives unexpected help from a time-travelling Robin Hood. Then, in "Ostwind 2" ("Windstorm 2", 2015), she returned as horse crazy Mika. The made-for-TV film "Zu früh geträumt" featured Binke as a teenager who goes through an unplanned pregnancy. In 2017, "Ostwind - Aufbruch nach Ora" ("Windstorm - And The Wild Horses") marked the third part of the successful horse saga.


2016/2017 Ostwind - Aufbruch nach Ora
2014/2015 Ostwind 2
2012/2013 Ostwind
2010/2011 Kriegerin