Heinrich Breloer

Heinrich Breloer

Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch, Produzent
*17.02.1942 Gelsenkirchen


Heinrich Breloer, born February 17, 1942, in Gelsenkirchen, studied german studies and philosophy in Bonn and in Hamburg from 1961 to 1970. Six years later, Breloer obtained a PhD from Hamburg's university for his doctoral dissertation in literary studies and dramatics.

From 1972 on, Breloer worked as a freelance film and TV critic. In 1976, he became a filmmaker himself and finished his first film as a director together with Horst Königstein: the documentary film "Mein Leben war auch kein Spaß". One main characteristic of this and all their next films that mainly dealt with events from recent German history was the recurring alternation between authentic documentary footage and fictional scenes – a stylistic device that Breloer and Königstein, who co-directed all their films until 1982, kept on refining. Initially, they called this stylistic device "open form", but later renamed it to "docu-drama".

After winning Grimme awards for the docu-dramas "Kollege Otto" about the affair revolving around the CoOp manager Bernd Otto, and for "Wehner. Die unerzählte Geschichte" about the life of Herbert Wehner, Breloer caused a stir with "Das Todesspiel", a docu-drama about the abduction and murder of Hanns Martin Schleyer by RAF terrorists. The highly-praised film won the special jury awards at the Bavarian film awards and at the Baden-Baden TV Movie Festival, among others.

Four years later, Breloer finished his most ambitious project yet: "Die Manns. Ein Jahrhundertroman" ("The Manns – Novel of a Century") about the annals of the Mann family. The four-part movie was celebrated as a master piece and won numerous awards, including the Grimme award, the Bavarian TV award, the German TV award, and a "Golden Gate" award at the 2002 San Francisco International Film Festival.

After his next docu-drama, "Speer und Er" ("The Devil's Architect", 2004), Heinrich Breloer finally made his first pure feature film for the movie screen: "Die Buddenbrooks" ("Buddenbrooks – The Decline of a Family"), an elaborate, and star-studded adaptation of Thomas Mann"s novel by the same name.


2007/2008 Buddenbrooks
Director, Screenplay
2004/2005 Speer und er
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2003 Schnitt - Der Regisseur und die Cutterin
2001 Die Manns - Ein Jahrhundertroman
Participation, Director, Screenplay
1996/1997 Todesspiel
Director, Screenplay
1991 Kollege Otto
Director, Screenplay
1989 Die Staatskanzlei
Director, Screenplay
1985/1986 Das verlorene Gesicht. Eine Reise mit Erich Kästner
1981/1982 Das Beil von Wandsbek
Director, Screenplay
1975 Fernsehauge, Tagesschau - Eine Woche wie jede andere
Director, Screenplay