Jan Plewka

Jan Plewka

Darsteller, Musik
*29.10.1970 Ahrensburg


Jan Plewka, born Oktober 29, 1970, in Ahrensburg, already worked as a dubbing voice while still attending high school and performed in several school bands. During his professional training at Fachoberschule für Grafik und Gestaltung, Plewka worked as a speaker for radio plays. In 1989, he played his first role on the movie screen in Hans W. Geissendörfer’s political drama "Bumerang - Bumerang" ("Boomerang Boomerang") alongside Jürgen Vogel and Katja Studt.

Three years later, he started the band "Selig" that became one of the most popular German rock bands of the 1990s. Between 1994 and 1997, the band recorded three albums as well as the soundtrack to the successful comedy "Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door" (1997). In the same year, the band made a cameo appearance as a hippie combo that covers songs by "The Doors" in Bernd Schadewald’s TV drama "Der Pirat". In 1999, the band officially broke up. Plewka then started a musical solo career, started two bands (Zinoba and TempAu), and toured with a program of songs by Rio Reiser – until Selig reunited ten years after the band had split and celebrated a huge comeback with their 2009 album "Und endlich unendlich".

During the 2000s, Plewka occasionally appeared in supporting roles in films like "99euro-films" (2001), "Half Empty" (2006), or "Alles Lüge – Die Wahrheit über Rio Reiser" (2007). In 2009, Jan Plewka finally played his first leading role in a movie in Anne Hoegh Krohn’s musical tragicomedy "Liebeslied".


2008 Liebeslied
2005 Jan Plewka singt Rio Reiser - Eine Reminiszenz an den König von Deutschland
2003-2005 Blackout Journey
Music (other)
2001 So billig
2001 99euro-films
2000/2001 Feudelfeuer
Cast, Music
2000 Schule
1996/1997 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
1989 Bumerang - Bumerang