Jörn Schoppe

Jörn Schoppe

Regie, Drehbuch, Schnitt, Produzent
*1969 Hamburg


Joern Schoppe was born in Hamburg in 1969 and studied Media Technology at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. After working as a technician on numerous films and commercials (among others as lighting technician for Fatih Akin’s award-winning feature Short Sharp Shock in 1998), he began writing screenplays and directing short films, commercials and music videos in 2000. In 2004 he founded the production company Lunacy Film to produce his first documentary. A selection of his films includes the shorts "Doppelpass" (2000), "Freistosstrick" (2001), "Noodles" (2003) and his documentary debut "Peladão – Soccer Teams and Beauty Queens" (2005).

Source: German films Service & Marketing GmbH


2005 Peladão - Elf Freunde und eine Königin
Director, Screenplay, Editing, Producer
2000 Doppelpass