John Hough

John Hough

Regie, Regie-Assistenz, Drehbuch, Produzent
*21.11.1941 London, England, Großbritannien


John Hough has directed 20 feature films, 30 television films and numerous documentaries. His film "The Legend Of Hell House" won the World First Prize for Fantasy Film in Los Angeles and he was nominated for an Emmy for his work on "The Avengers" as well as an ACE Award for the TV films "Hazard Of Hearts" and "Duel Of Hearts". He has directed, among others, "Treasure Island" (1972), "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" (1974), "Escape To Witch Mountain" (1975), "Watcher In The Woods" (1980), "Something To Believe In" (TV, 1997), and TV series like "The Prisoner" and "Dempsey & Makepeace".

Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH


1996/1997 Something to Believe In
Director, Screenplay, Story, Producer
1972 Treasure Island
1972 Die Schatzinsel
Dialogue editor