Konstantin Faigle

Konstantin Faigle

Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch, Schnitt, Ton, Produzent
*11.08.1971 Sulz am Neckar; †16.06.2016 Köln


Konstantin Faigle was born in 1971 in Sulz / Black Forest. After finishing school and completing the mandatory civil service, he worked both as a carpenter and as an orderly at a psychiatric ward in Munich. Between 1993-1998, he studied in Stuttgart, where he received a degree in media engineering. He then worked freelance as an editor, author and director for several German TV stations, including WDR, ARTE and ZDF.

From 1999-2002, he studied as a post-graduate at the Media Academy in Cologne, majoring in screenwriting and directing. After receiving his diploma, he established himself as a freelance filmmaker.

In 1995, Faigle won the Student Prize of the public television station Süddeutsche Rundfunk for his short film "Ritus". In 2001, his first feature-length documentary "Out of Edeka" was awarded the Bavarian Documentary Award. In addition to this, Faigle also directed radio plays, short animated films and music videos. In 2005, his feature documentary "Die große Depression" was released in Germany.

During the following years, he directed two entries in the TV documentary series "Menschen Hautnah": "Die Herren der Liegezonen – Matratzenverkäufer" (2006) and "Glückliche Nichtstuer" (2007). The latter was a feature about two men who aren't really lazy, but who also don't work in the conventional sense of the word. Some years later, Faigle would return to the subject for his third feature film documentary "Frohes Schaffen - Ein Film zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral" (2012), which takes an ironic look at the modern workplace and the cult-like devotion to employment.


2010-2012 Frohes Schaffen - Ein Film zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral
Cast, Director, Screenplay, Co-Producer
2005 Die große Depression - made in Germany
Participation, Director, Screenplay, Commentary, Interviews
2001/2002 Out of Edeka [Langfassung]
Voice, Director, Screenplay, Editing, Sound
2001 Out of Edeka [Kurzfassung]
Director, Screenplay, Editing, Sound