Monika Treut

Monika Treut

Darstellerin, Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Schnitt, Ton, Sonstiges, Produzent
*06.04.1954 Mönchengladbach


Monika Treut, born April 6, 1954, in Mönchengladbach, made her high school exam at a state-run school for girls and subsequently started to study German studies and political science and graduated with a state examination in 1978.

From 1974 on, already during her studies, and until 1982, she worked at several media centres, for instance, in Marburg, Frankfurt, and in Berlin where she organized film screenings and was involved in the production of video documentaries.

In 1984, she did her PhD in Marburg with a thesis about the image of women in the writings of de Sade and Sacher-Masoch and became a doctor of philology. In the same year, she set up the production company "Hyäne I/II Filmproduktion" together with Elfie Mikesch in Hamburg.

One year later, Treut finished her debut film for the movie screen, the experimental feature film "Verführung: Die grausame Frau" ("Seduction: The Cruel Woman") about the sadomasochistic experiences of a group of fairly different people.

After working as an assistant director for Werner Schroeter at Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf in 1987, Treut finished her second feature-length film, the award-winning drama "Die Jungfrauenmaschine" ("Virgin Machine", 1988). All of Treut"s documentary, experimental, and narrative films are influenced by a distinct feminist perspective and always deal with alternative gender roles and constellations.

After the award-winning comedy "My Father Is Coming" (1991), Treut focused on documentary films. In this department and produced by the production company "Hyena Films" that was set up in 1992, Treut finished several of her most important and partly award-winning films: "Gendernauts – Eine Reise durch die Geschlechter" ("Gendernauts: A Story Through Shifting", 1999) about the phenomenon of trans-sexuality, "Kriegerin des Lichts" ("Warrior of Light", 2001) about a female Brazilian street worker, and "Den Tigerfrauen wachsen Flügel" ("Tigerwomen Grow Wings", 2005) about three generations of women in Taiwan.

Besides her work as a filmmaker, Treut pursues numerous academic occupations, mainly in the USA. Over the years, film festivals all over the world have dedicated retrospectives to her work. In 2009, Monika Treut once again finished a feature film, "Ghosted", a blend of a mystery drama and a love story.

Treut's documentary "Das Rohe und das Gekochte", an exploration of the different culinary traditions to be found in Taiwanese cuisine, premiered at the 2012 Berlin IFF. She next returned to fiction film with the low-budget production "Von Mädchen und Pferden" (working title: "Pferdekuss"), the story of a 16-year-old high school dropout who becomes an intern on a horse farm and falls in love with her female instructor.


2015/2016 Zona Norte
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2013/2014 Von Mädchen und Pferden
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2012 Das Rohe und das Gekochte
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2008/2009 Ghosted
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2005 Made in Taiwan
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2004/2005 Den Tigerfrauen wachsen Flügel
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2003/2004 Axensprung: Ein Reisetagebuch
Director, Screenplay
2003 Begegnung mit Werner Schroeter
Participation, Director, Screenplay, Director of photography, Sound, Producer
2000/2001 Kriegerin des Lichts
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1998/1999 Gendernauts
Voice, Director, Screenplay, Producer
1997/1998 Didn't Do It For Love
Director, Screenplay, Interviews
1994 Let's Talk About Sex
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1994 Taboo Parlour
1993 Domenica. Alle kommen, keiner war da
1992/1993 Female Misbehavior
1992 Dr. Paglia
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1992 Max
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1990/1991 My Father Is Coming
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1989 Annie
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1989 Marocain
1987/1988 Die Jungfrauenmaschine
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1984/1985 Verführung: Die grausame Frau
Director, Screenplay, Director of photography, Assistant camera, Producer
1983 Bondage
Director, Screenplay, Editing, Sound, Producer
1983 Unknown Gender. Das dritte Geschlecht. 2. Teil: Bondage
1981 Wie geht das Kamel durchs Nadelöhr?
Director of photography, Editing