Richard Lehun

Richard Lehun

Regie, Regie-Assistenz, Drehbuch, Produzent, Produktionsleitung


Richard Lehun studied Philosophy in Frankfurt. During his studies, he interned as a commissioning editor at ZDF/ARTE"s "Kleines Fernsehspiel". He also participated in the European Audio-Visual Entrepreneur"s Program (EAVE). He was then chosen to represent EAVE as a promising young producer at Cinemart 2001. He has worked on over 30 film and television productions in a variety of capacities and is a member of the Director"s Guild of Canada (DGC). His other films include the shorts: "Endlich Frei" (1997), "Heimat" (documentary, 1997), "Trip" (1998), "Baba Paraska" (documentary, 1999) and "Fetish" ("Fetisch", 2002).

Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH


2002 Alltag
Assistant director
2002 Fetisch
Director, Screenplay, Producer
1999/2000 Tolle Lage
Assistant director
1999 Der Elefant in meinem Bett
Assistant director
1997/1998 Die Diebin
Unit production manager