Ulrich Seidl

Ulrich Seidl

Darsteller, Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Produzent
*24.11.1952 Wien, Österreich


Born in Vienna in 1952, Ulrich Seidl studied directing at the Film Academy Vienna. He made several commissioned works for the Austrian TV.

His acclaimed films such as "Good News" (1990), "Mit Verlust ist zu rechnen" (1992), "Tierische Liebe" (1995) and "Models" (1998) won several international awards.

"Hundstage" (2001), Seidl's first feature film was awarded the Grand Jury Special Prize at the 2001 Venice Film Festival.

In 2003, he founded his own production company Ulrich Seidl Film Produktion and produced "Import Export" (2007), which premiered at Cannes in 2007. Currently, he produced the "Paradise" trilogy: "Love", "Belief", and "Hope".


2014/2015 Ich seh, Ich seh
2014 Ulrich Seidl und die bösen Buben
2011/2012 Paradies: Glaube
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2010-2013 Paradies: Hoffnung
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2009-2012 Paradies: Liebe
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2006/2007 Import/Export
Director, Screenplay, Producer
2001 Hundstage
Director, Screenplay
1998 Megacities
Still photography
1982 Der Ball
Director, Screenplay, Producer