Walburg von Waldenfels

Walburg von Waldenfels

Regie, Drehbuch
*1960 Aachen


Walburg von Waldenfels was born in Aachen in 1960 and studied Acting in New York and Montreal and American Literature in Frankfurt/Main and Berlin. She worked as a film critic for newspapers and television and studied Film at the College for Fine Arts in Hamburg. Her 1992 short "Remedio" was awarded top honors at festivals in Schwerin, Cork, Figueira da Foz, and Bludenz. Her films include "Stadtglueck" (short, 1988), "Schnitzeljagd" (video, 1989), "Die Lulu-Maschine" (short, 1990), "Madame de Sad" (video, 1990), "Emilie" (short, 1991), and her first feature "Gesche"s Poison" ("Gesches Gift", 1997).

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1997 Gesches Gift
Director, Screenplay